Complete LOSA Solution for Aviation Service Providers

Most aviation service providers need guidance when planning for their aviation LOSA programs.

We help each step of the way, providing you with:


LOSA Training - Line Operations Safety Audit

Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) has been a proactive safety management tool since the mid-1990s. LOSA is a formal risk management process that requires expert trained observers. These trained observers make between 80 to 200 operational observations for each LOSA audit. LOSA audits collect safety-related data in real-time during actual operations.

LOSA observers focus on environmental conditions, operational complexity and how the human element interacts between machine and the environment.

  • LOSA observes actual, "normal" operating conditions;
  • Effective LOSA programs must be confidential and non-punitive in nature;
  • LOSA encompasses both proactive and predictive risk management strategies;
  • LOSA is based on Threat and Error Management (TEM) principles;
  • LOSA does not replace other aviation safety management systems;
  • LOSA supplements and complements aviation SMS programs;
  • LOSA is highly recommended for IATA certified airlines;

What's Included in LOSA Training Courses?

  • Coursebook;
  • Handouts;
  • LOSA Observation Forms (for those not wanting Software component below); and
  • Certificate of Training.



LOSA Software

For a typical LOSA observation team will make between 80 to 120 observations.  Managing data from your LOSA program is not a trivial exercise.

Some companies fill out observation forms on paper and later enter the data into MS Excel spreadsheets. Entering 80 to 200 observations is time consuming and prone to error.

LOSA software is available for:

  • Fixed-wing flight ops;
  • Rotor-wing flight ops;
  • Maintenance LOSA;
  • Ramp LOSA; and
  • Cabin LOSA.

LOSA software has an offline component that can be run on:

  • IPad;
  • IPhone;
  • Android; or
  • Windows Laptop.

An online version is also available for Maintenance and Ramp LOSA that have no need for offline capabilities.

Once observers have completed entering in their observations, their data is submitted for data cleansing and verification.

A LOSA dashboard is also available to present managers with a real-time snapshot of each LOSA, whether it is in progress or it happened years ago.

Aviation LOSA software must have good support and come from a reputable aviation software company. The company providing this LOSA software solution has been in business since 2003 and has aviation clients around the world.

Available on all devices

Inferential Statistical Analysis of LOSA Audit Observations