Benefits of a Complete LOSA Solution

The Complete LOSA Solution has the stated purpose of saving operators money by reducing loss. However, there are potentially additional benefits to consider.

LOSA benefits include:

  • Favorably Viewed By Insurance Companies
  • Identifies Weaknesses in Daily Operations
  • Enhances Credibility of Corporate Safety Awareness
  • Increases Efficiency and Operational Effectiveness
  • Promotes Effectiveness of Management Decision Making
  • Involves Employees to Increase Operational Awareness 
  • Systematically and Scientifically identifies Operational Strengths and Weaknesses;
  • Decreases Frequency of Undesirable Events;
  • Assesses the Quality and Practicality of Documented Procedures; and
  • Detects Inappropriate Techniques.

LOSA programs do not replace existing safety programs. LOSA complements:

  • Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA);
  • Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance (MOQA);
  • Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA);
  • Ramp Error Decision Aid (REDA); and
  • Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)