Aviation Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) Software Product

Many mature, proactive aviation service providers are trying to reduce risk and reduce loss by implementing Line Operations Safety Audits (LOSA). These safety-oriented operators include:

  • Fixed wing airlines (LOSA);
  • Helicopter operators (LOSA-H);
  • Ramp operations (LOSA-R);
  • Maintenance operations (LOSA-M); and
  • Airline cabin operations (LOSA-C).

LOSA Audits Are Expensive

While LOSA provides many benefits, they are expensive to conduct.  Imagine you are paying one observer to watch a complete routine operation 80 to 120 times.

Personnel costs for observers is only one part of the total costs. Data management. Taking the observers hand-written notes and putting them into a spreadsheet or database can easily take an employee one week to complete. Furthermore, this process of transcribing data (data entry process) is highly error prone.

Aviation LOSA software reduces the entire cost of a LOSA audit significantly. Starting with best-in-class LOSA audit templates, software in the LOSA Solution helps during observations.

Perform LOSA Observations on an IPad, IPhone or laptop.

Conduct LOSA Observations Offline

A sweet features is to conduct LOSA observations offline and then sync them data once Internet connectivity is restored. Alternatively, you can use the online LOSA observation forms; however, I prefer the offline LOSA observations regardless of whether I'm connected or not.

Offline LOSA observation tools provide the best performance and flexibility.

LOSA Dashboard Offers Real-Time View

Instead of waiting weeks to conduct inferential statistical analysis, the LOSA Solution offers an excellent dashboard view. This data becomes available instantly after the data has been cleaned and validated within the tool. 

Aviation Safety Software Company Supports Your LOSA Program

When you are working with mountains of data, you need modern software tools to ensure your LOSA team is most effective. Labor is the most expensive part of a LOSA program. When your LOSA team has the support of an aviation safety software company, you are reducing risk to your LOSA program.

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